What Happens When You Cannot Empathize with Others? Is There a Solution?

It is good to be determined about the tasks that you are assigned with. But can you not allow others to get what they deserve? You might get anxious about what is yours but you fail to achieve, but in this complete mayhem, can you feel for those who are not getting what they rightfully should get? Studies have proved that the more anxious you get, the higher gets your ego. And a man with high ego cannot think of anyone else other than his own. On the contrary, you should also realize why it is necessary to cultivate empathy as it allows you to balance between the both.

Making a choice or decision is all about perspective. The way an individual thinks or allows the thought process to progress is the way he is going to take individual choices in life. Let us take into consideration that you are put in a group and made to sit circularly, and then a book is kept in between each one of you. So the book that is on your right is on the left of the person sitting next to you at your right. Those who realized the fact that what is at their right, might be at someone else’s left, have understood what perspectives is. And those who are anxious, have come up with egocentric answers, and have denied accepting the position of the book concerning the people sitting next to them on both the sides. This is a tough situation to handle, but to deal with your anxiety, only 마음수련 and meditation can help.

Anxiety is the cause of uncertainty, and this particular feeling is well in junction with surprise. If you are angry, it will force you to take the decision that will go on your favor without forgetting the justification or the righteousness of the decision. But if you are anxious and uncertain, you will never be able to take a decision instantly. Because, you have already lost your current state of mind, and you get perplexed when similar situations arise.

What concerns us, when individuals are perplexed and anxious; their uncertainty drives them to do away with their perspectives as well. They get so confused that they cannot even voice their notion at all. Training the empathy muscles is necessary to get back the stable condition of your life. And if you are prone to get anxious, you must follow these following methods.

  • It is assertive to start practicing to listen to others. While engaging in any conversation, make a habit of understanding what the other one is trying to say.
  • Try mind training with the help of mindfulness meditation. It allows you to concentrate on your breathing and helps you to grow aware of what’s happening around you.
  • Try to share your identity with someone you don’t know. If you can come close to what someone else might have done in your place, the vice versa can also work out for you.

마음수련 is nothing new, but people ignore it because of the time it takes to make the difference. Building connection with the self and the world is not easy- but do not give up on the hope at all.

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