Things to Consider Before Investing Your Money on Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are one of the most sought-after gems, which are used for creating exquisite jewellery pieces across the world. Pearls are a mark of elegance, social standing, distinction and success.

However, there are few things that you should keep in mind while buying jewellery made of pearls. This guide will brief you about certain characteristics affecting value and quality of a pearl, which you should consider before buying it.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pearl

Buying a pearl is not a small investment. Hence, it’s important that you enlighten yourself with its various characteristics before buying. Following are few things to consider before buying a pearl.

  • Shape

Pearls are available in three shapes viz. baroque, spherical and symmetrical. Round or spherical pearl is considered to be the most valuable. More is the roundness of a pearl, higher is its value. However, pearls having pure round shape are rare. This is the reason that a pearl having the shape closer to round is more expensive than the one which is less round.

This is the reason why symmetrical pearls are cheaper than round pearls, except in some cases. However, symmetrical pearls still tend to be higher priced than baroque pearls. It is worth mentioning point here that baroque pearls are irregularly shaped.

Most of the baroque pearls are used in making pearl earrings, pearl rings, pearl pendants and pearl necklaces. Given these differences in pearls, it is important that you pay attention to the pearl that you are buying, and check for its originality. Ensure that the chosen pearl is not chipped, broken or weak.

  • Luster

Pearls having an intense and bright luster reflect nearby images and have a good thickness of nacre. On the contrary, pearls with a dull look mostly have thin or poor-quality nacre. Hence, it’s important that you pay due attention to the luster of pearl by rolling it and viewing it from all sides.

Furthermore, you can examine the luster of a pearl under a light source such as a lamp by paying attention to brightness of the reflection. Given the high price of pearls, it is important that you make the purchase keeping in mind the versatility i.e. the chosen pearl should go with multiple dresses. Make sure that you don’t buy anything “flashy” which can’t be worn again.

  • Surface

This refers to the extent of surface perfection of a pearl. It’s easy to identify good quality pearls from poor ones by comparing their surfaces. If the surface of a pearl is cleaner, it has higher luster and thereby better quality.

A pearl having surface free of blemishes, blisters, cracks or spots is more valuable than one with small indentations, blisters, surface bumps or dark spots. Moreover, a pearl with lots of blemish is also less durable. Clearer is the surface of a pearl, better is its quality and higher is the price. Hence, make sure that while investing your hard-earned money in pearls, you go for a reliable and trustworthy seller.


Hope this guide will help you to buy pearls at affordable price.

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