The Diverse Uses of Chain Mail Armor

While chain mail armor no longer appears in everyday military combat, it is available for workplace needs and recreation. Certain professions benefit from professional grade armor, especially jobs that require knife work. It is important to note that armor will not protect against gun bullets and all kinds of knives and swords. Make sure to read the product description for tips on safety and usage. Live action role play (LARP) and theaters of all sizes can pick the right armor for knights, soldiers and other medieval characters. Learn more about the process of making armor, clothing types and metal work to make an informed purchase.

The Process of Creating Metal Armor

Creating chain mail armor requires interlocking wires made out of steel and aluminum.  The process to make armor today is far quicker than it was during medieval and Renaissance times. In earlier centuries, blacksmiths used to individually linked each piece of wire to get an overall voider, shirt, gauntlet and other pieces with a small machine. Now, factories can quickly produce different types of armor and distribute chainmail armor for sale to the general public. There are opportunities to enhance the metal with ornaments or gold finishing.

Chain Mail Clothing Types

The types of chain mail pieces available include chausses and voiders, gauntlets, coifs, hauberks and shirts. Voiders and chausses cover the lower extremities including the knee, thighs and calves. The gauntlets are similar to gloves and protect fingers and the hand. Using a coif covers the head region, and then provides an opening for the face. Certain coifs have flaps to cover the face or the chin. Use the hauberks and shirts to cover the chest and arms from getting nicks and cuts from objects during role play. Use a professional grade gauntlet to protect working hands.

Metal Work for Armor

Some basic armor processes include butted, riveted and dome riveted. Butted armor is held together by the strength of the rings without any additional reinforcement. The riveted armor has a pipe running through the rings that provides an added layer of metal. Armor that is dome riveted is rounder and has a looser binding that can allow for a more decorative rather than protective.

The chainmail armor for sale protects the body and is flexible enough to conform to all types of movements. Reenactments of past times are now fun and safe with the right kind of chain mail armor. People who work around sharp objects, especially in factory settings, can benefit from the protection of armor that does not easily penetrate.

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