The Benefits Of Running An Environmentally Friendly Business

Ellery Gordon, an experienced Law Clerk at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, California, writes about the benefits of running an environmentally friendly business. In this guide, you will learn why, and how, it is not only necessary for the environment but also essential for the success of your business.

  • Reduction of costs: By recycling, you can substantially reduce costs. For example, you can re-use office paper that is printed on only one side.
  • Conservation of electricity: Use CFL lamps or LED lamps instead of tube lights. Install solar panels to conserve energy. It’s a win for your business as well as the environment.
  • Establish an EMS (Environment Management System) in your organization. The system should have certified and experienced environmentalists. This system should set targets and plans such that all business operations are environmentally friendly.
  • The basic functions of an EMS are as follows:
    Setting environmentally friendly goals and plans.
    2. Reviewing goals and progress.
    3. Establishing employee awareness.
    4. Tracking legal requirements.

The benefits of having such a system are:

  1. Prevention of Pollution: Pollution causes a toll on the environment thereby causing a reduction of the quality of resources. There are all kinds of pollution – Air, Water, Land, etc. Pollution is generally caused due to the wrong disposal of waste.

Untreated industrial solid and fluid waste should not be released into water bodies. An EMS would have the responsibility of making sure that the treatment of waste water is done properly before it is released.

2. Conservation of resources: The over-use of available resources causes serious harm to the environment. Nature should be given time to replenish itself. For example, if a person cultivates wheat throughout the year, then there will be a reduction in the nutrients of the soil.

As the land cannot nourish its crop, there will be depreciation in its quality. On the other hand, if the agriculturist leaves the land barren for a few months, then the soil will replenish itself with its nutrients.

The EMS would set up a plan on the optimum use of the available resources so that there is no harm to the environment.

3. Prevention of climate change: Climate change is defined as the change in global weather due to the build-up of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. There are many risks to your business due to climate change. Increased costs, decrease in demand of your products, insurance costs due to extreme weather, increased water and power charges, etc. are few of the risks.

4. Increased morale: EMS can conduct frequent pep talks about the importance of the conservation of the environment. This will increase the morale of your employees and also improve your public image.

5. Legal Obligations: EMS would take care of all the permits and implementation of all the legal responsibilities of your corporation.
With all the measures to preserve and conserve the environment, you would attract new customers, have a better usage plan of the available resources, will follow all the regulations of the EPA and in the end everyone is happy! Hurray to success!

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