Telephone Answering Service the Small Business Owners Answer to Prayers

Owning a small business often means, depending on the kind of work you do, getting calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on weekends and holidays. And callers don’t always want to leave a voicemail, especially if their call is for a serious problem or, worse yet, an emergency. If you don’t want to personally answer every call, but don’t want to miss one either, a great solution could be employing a live answering service for small business.

Why Such a Service?

The beauty of having such a service is that you don’t miss any calls. There are plenty of times where if someone calls your business number, and gets no answer, or they get a voice mail, they may be inclined to just hang up and maybe try again later; or they may just hang up and call your competitor. But with a live person answering the phone, chances are very good that the caller will leave a message. And a service can answer your calls 24/7.

Are Other Services Also Available?

Most places that provide a live phone answering service for small business operations also offer other services. Such services can include emergency dispatching – great for small businesses such as plumbers, electricians, tow truck drivers, and the like – or order taking – perfect for companies like retailers.

Another service that is often helpful is that of having a virtual receptionist. It will give callers the impression that you have someone there “minding the store,” even when you’re out on the job; but you don’t have to pay anyone a fulltime salary or provide benefits.

And with someone answering the calls for you when you can’t, the service you “hire” will be able to capture new business leads for you, whereas if the call had not been answered or had gone to voice mail, that lead may have potentially been lost to someone else.

And for some of the same reasons already mentioned, a live answering service can catch calls when you may be tied up on another line. In that manner, no calls will ever be missed, no matter the time of day or reason.

And a live person answering your calls easily conveys a professional, friendly voice on the other end of the line, something that can, at times, be challenging to do, especially if you’re having a frustrating or otherwise bad day.

There are so many good reasons and really no bad ones not to let your calls be answered by a live answering service for small business when you’re not around or able to answer the call yourself.

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