Strange Garden Tips

When it comes to gardening, it can be a relaxing and fulfilling pastime, if not a full blown passion. Your plants become like your babies; you want to nurture them and watch them grow. Therefore, you want to do the best you can for your plants. Make sure they get plenty of sun and water, but not too much, the right blend of nutrients in their soil, etc. However, there are some more, let’s say, unorthodox gardening techniques that can improve the quality of your plants or simply look nice. Here are some tips.

First and foremost, you may have heard this one, or a similar story, anyway. It’s been said that talking to your plants can help them grow. Supposedly, this also works with music, but it will only work if they find the music or your vocal inflection. As crazy as it sounds, there is evidence to support the claim, so it’s worth a shot. If you take this approach to garden, try to stick to pleasant and calming sounds, both from music and your voice. It’s also been shown that what we humans perceive as negatively charged vocals and music has an adverse effect on plants, as well.

Another way to mix it up in the garden to try out some unusual makeshift pots. It may sound strange, but if it is vaguely pot shaped, is big enough to give your plants room to grow, and has small holes in the bottom for drainage, you can use it as a pot. Examples of this are many, but my favorite has to be a floral patterned waste bin. It sounds weird and wrong, but it’s adorable, and thematically on point. You could even build a pot out of Lego if you wanted to. The sky’s the limit.

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