Rings – How to Style them?

Rings are a fashionable piece of jewelry and is available in various styles and shape. Most of the rings can be classified according to their style and their finger placement. Not all rings are meant to be on every finger.

However, most of the time we are unaware of finger ring styling and end up wearing the wrong ring on the wrong hand. Rings are symbolic therefore we must wear them accordingly. In most of the cases either the finger rings have symbolic representation to historical events or style statement.

Let us check the important ones

Eternity rings

Eternity rings are also called the infinity rings and are formed in a metal band by a series of continuous line of diamonds. The diamonds are embedded in a horizontal arrangement and can go all round the circumference. Sometimes it may also be half round or three quarters. In these cases, the diamonds are only present in the front part of the ring.

These diamonds are of the same shape and size to give a consistent finish. This ring is one of the best rings to show love as it represents never ending love and mostly given by husbands or fiancés during marriage proposal. This ring is said to be worn on the ring finger as it symbolizes love, care and affection.

Band rings

Band rings are mostly worn by male and symbolizes masculinity. Usually, these band rings are metal formed into rings and can be worn regularly. The band ring has been a favorite engagement ring for males. Some of the band rings can also be made up of different kinds of metals.

These rings can also be engraved. However, these days even band rings are available for women. For women these rings are formed in smooth edges thus giving a softer look on the ring. These rings can also be worn as stacks for fashion purposes.

Cocktail rings

These are favorites among the ladies and any lady most of the time owns more than one cocktail ring.  Cocktail rings are also known as dinner ring that forms up considerably over the finger giving a lavish look.

Mostly cocktail rings are clusters of diamond embedded to give out the shine. However, these days’ dinner rings are available in different precious stones or even semi-precious stones and crystals. Since this is solely for the fashion statement you need to coordinate them with your evening attire appropriately. It is suggested that you must go contrast with these rings.

Gap Rings

Gap rings are adjustable rings and can be worn by anyone irrespective of finger sizes. Since these can be adjusted around the fingers you can easy pick them up as a gift. Also, if you wear them even if you plan to lose weight. Unlike other rings, you won’t have to customize them you can easily slide them in any finger any time.

Buying guide

Buying rings online can be quite tricky if you don’t know the right size of your finger. Moreover, there are middle finger rings also available in the market. Not necessarily the sizes of your fingers will match both the hands. Therefore, it is suggested that you should buy them only after trying them on. You can also buy from online stores but check their return policy before buying.

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