Potential Traits of a Specialty Bucket Conveyor

It may seem like magic how raw materials at the beginning of a production line can become a fully-packaged, sale-ready product at the end. The reality is that careful attention may have been necessary for each phase of the fabrication. The process of designing a detailed conveyor system can be complex. In some cases, there is a need for an innovative design that comes from thinking about the potential traits of a specialty bucket conveyor.

Space Considerations

Utilizing the smallest footprint for each part of the production line is often a big concern in manufacturing. You likely want each square foot of a plant to produce more than the cost of the real estate and maintenance. A larger than needed bucket conveyor won’t fit that plan. To heed this requirement, consider a custom designed Frazier bucket conveyor that uses the least space possible to get the job done.

Material Considerations

Some materials may need great care to ensure minimal product degradation. With a gentle and uniform bucket elevation and conveying system, even your finished products that are ready for packaging aren’t likely to suffer adverse effects. This could be accomplished with innovative bucket design and smooth infeed and discharge transitions.

Sanitary Considerations

In some situations, such as the food industry, it can be critical to have a bucket conveyor system that keeps the materials sanitary. They may even need a sanitary washing somewhere along the production line. The materials used in thesystem may need to be carefully considered as well, to avoid issues such as rusting and other contamination. Stainless steel may be used for various components, such as sprockets, chains, buckets, frames, doors, covers and bearings. An added benefit is that a Frazier bucket conveyor that incorporates stainless steel can also simplify maintenance and reduce the need for repairs.

Versatility Considerations

While your production line may have similarities to other companies, versatility in design could end up being the most important consideration. You may need multiple infeed points or packaging machines, indexing drives, custom controls, unique surfaces or specialty materials in order to get the smooth operation and material handling your company requires. A bucket conveyor manufacturer works with your team to incorporate all the traits you may need and has the expertise to make suggestions that could streamline and improve production.

The bottom line is that your bucket conveyor system should meet or exceed all your needs. It should be precision built to incorporate the traits you may need to minimize space, handle products safely and adhere to sanitary and other concerns.

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