How Web Analytics Can Shape Marketing

If you operate a small business website or are in the market for one, you may have heard about web analytics and seen them included in hosting packages. Web analytics are a powerful resource for businesses operating online and can help shape your internet marketing strategies.  Whether you run a small business blog or want to create a digital empire, your internet marketing should include regularly reviewing web analytics data.

To find out more about web analytics and how your business website can use them, continue reading below.

What Are Web Analytics?

The data provided in your web analytics report will be determined by your provider, package, and so on. But at their most basic, web analytics describes the relationship and interactions users have when they visit your website. They allow you to track when users click on new links or pages (called clickthroughs) and follow their page transitions between menu hierarchies (sometimes referred to as drilldown behavior).

In other words, web analytics let you see which of your pages are the most successful and how people are navigating your website to get there. They can also let you track where your users are coming from – such as from a specific link on an affiliate blog or a product review – and that information can be vital for understanding what drives your website traffic.

The information can be presented both numerically and visually and is usually a built-in part of your website hosting package.

Why Do They Matter?

Web analytics provide a direct, empirical window into how your users interact with your website. Although analytics cannot describe nuance in the way detailed user research or focus groups could, they offer every day small business website owners practical information about their customers’ behavior patterns.

Want to know if your search optimization is helping? Curious about the effectiveness of your navigation? Web analytics can offer answers to these questions and much more, providing you a glimpse into the experience of your users.

How Do You Use Them?

If you have a professional web developer on hand, they’ll use web analytics for you to suggest renovations and adjustments to your webpage. If you’re operating your small business website yourself, you can use web analytics to understand what content your users resonate with and hone your online marketing strategy. For instance, if one page does significantly better than others, web analytics can provide insight about where the traffic is coming from and where it’s going after users land on your page.

As you can see, web analytics can be powerful tools for small business websites and provide crucial internet marketing data. If you want to understand your customers better and improve your online presence, try incorporating web analytics into your next strategy meeting.

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