House Cleaning Tips Texas Style

Do you love your Texas home but hate to do the work of keeping it clean? I know that most of us have better things to do then cleaning the house on our day off. But as anyone will tell you, they have not yet invented a self-cleaning home. So until that time, here are a few tips to keep you from going bonkers so that the house doesn’t look like it was hit by gremlins in the night.


Keeping the Kitchen Clean

While I hate a dirty kitchen, it is also one of the hardest rooms to clean up if it gets ahead of you. Here are a few tips to make keeping that kitchen clean as you go:

  • Dishes � Why not fill the sink with hot soapy water just before your family sits down to eat? Then you can easily drop those dirty dishes in the sink as you finish up each course, making them quick and easy to do later.
  • Ovens � Even if you have a “self cleaning oven” it is still a chore. Why not put a big aluminum tray at the bottom for catching the majority of the messes? You can drop it in the dishwasher when it gets messy and never have to clean that oven again.
  • Ditch the Paper Towels � I have used old rags for years and saved a ton of money by never buying paper towels. They do a better job, you can toss them in their own laundry bag for cleaning later and you never have to deal with messy paper towels again.

Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

My home is my castle and in Houston that can mean retreating to it to keep cool all summer long. But if you want to avoid those costly Houston AC repair bills, try these little tricks first:

  • Ducts and vents � Clean these out once a year to ensure they are not blocked. Better you then the expensive guy from the repair shop!
  • Check for damages � The system can get damaged even in the winter when you don’t use it. Check for water leaks in the main system, and fill in those nasty looking cracked sealants on the vents.
  • Turn on Early � If you turn on the AC system early you will have better luck getting a repairman out there before the big season hits. Just run it once to check that everything is working fine before summer comes and then relax and enjoy that cool air through the hottest weather!

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