Get Started with Green Promotions by Selling Seed Paper to Connect with Customers

Seed paper is an organic way to grow plants. On this paper, manufacturers stick seeds of a plant. It is then sold at reasonable price to customers. Customers carry it to their home where they put this paper under a thin layer of soil and then keep it moist for germination. Slowly with time, you will see sprouts and later they turn into plants that you wanted.

Planting through seed paper allows you to grow plants quickly and in huge numbers. This helps in the growth of trees which plays an important role in healthy and purified air. Being paper, it gets moist and decomposes with soil leaving no waste behind. Seed paper is made from biodegradable fibers that contain seeds of flowers and plants.

There are many manufacturers who customize your seed paper by providing you the service where the client can decide vegetation which they wish. One of the companies is Custom Earth Promos. This company has been into recycling business for the last eight years. They reuse plastic bottles and other items to manufacture different items like key chains, reusable bags, lanyards etc. They also provide seed papers in the form of tags, bookmarks, postcards, invitation cards, business cards etc. You can visit their website to explore their products.

Here are few reasons why an eco friendly company should starts selling seed papers –

  • Since people are becoming aware about the negative effects of waste matter on earth, they keenly look for companies that are also eco conscious.
  • Seed papers leave a positive image on customers which let them remember the brand forever.
  • Most gifts are thrown away after certain days when they are worn out or consumed, but seed paper is planted which will give plants and trees that are remembered for years.
  • This is an innovative way to promote your brand and become the talk of the town.
  • Not to worry about the varieties because as discussed above, they come in various options and you can select your favorite.

Many trees are slashed down to make paper. It takes years for a tree to mature but, seconds to slaughter. You might switch to emails, or use both sides of paper to decrease its production but, trees would still be cut to prepare them. Seed paper is the best way of going green and by gifting to someone you request them to contribute as well.

Like any other paper you can use it any form, write on it, make airplanes with kids but, once you’re done using it, instead of throwing it away crumble it and dig it into the soil. It isn’t necessary that you need a whole big place but, a small pot can also help you show wonders.

Isn’t it good if you put back the paper where it came from, the soil? We can’t stop cutting trees as it is used for many other things. At least we can contribute towards the green revolution by starting it from our home and neighborhood.

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