Galaxy S9 – Genius Bixby and Price

The S8 and S8+ are exceptional telephones. The S8 has managed to overcome my first impressions and, in this month of use, has become my favorite phone with Android, which I end up resorting to whenever I have to leave. However, in spite of the advances that Samsung has achieved in the section of performance and, above all, design, the competition has not stayed still. Hope, Samsung’s new model Galaxy S9 will follow the same path and bring us exciting things beyond our thinking. The hearsay is that the company will release its upcoming rocker Galaxy S9 in its own event next year rather than the MWC event.


The personal assistant has been one of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, in fact since Apple launched Siri, Samsung had that spine nailed to the end has been removed. Its usefulness is bestial since we can do things as different as regulating the brightness of the screen, make us a selfie, find us a bottle of wine that has left us a colleague, make an animation with several photos of a city we have visited, connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 + to the TV … The idea and the truth are that they have achieved it, is that you can do almost everything with the phone without touching it and only with the use of the voice, something that is pursued for a long time. In fact, Bixby according to the signature can listen, see, recommend and remember. What I said, a whole. It works well. The interesting story is that forthcoming champ Galaxy S9 will put a smile on your face with its upgraded version Bixby 2.0, giving you the best Visual recognition function which we found useless in Galaxy S8.

Once activated our Samsung account (without it does not work) in Galaxy S8, we found a system that tries to put us on a single screen almost everything we need. It groups in a single assistant everything that happens on the computer that affects the user. Nevertheless, we were left with the desire to test the subject of the voice, although yes we have tried Bixby in the camera of photos. It is able to recognize in seconds what lies ahead and look for us, either everything on the Internet or the product in question to buy it. The captures you have above speak for themselves. The Virtual Assistant Bixby AI in Samsung Galaxy S9 would be not only quicker but also more exciting and intelligent.

Face Recognition

It is another of the star benefits of the terminal and as it could not be less we have tested thoroughly; in fact, we leave a video where you can see how it works. The impression is that going very fast is effective. In both cases, at least in our test unit has not given any error and the operation has been fast. The facial recognition goes of luxury and the iris idem. If you have glasses the face does not give any problem. In the case of the iris, if you use it with glasses you will ask for something closer to the terminal but it works perfectly. In Galaxy S9, we can expect a perfect iris scanner which could be able to unlock the device quicker even when wear glasses.

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