Conquer Audition Fright – Learn to Take Auditions Positively

The actors need to stand out in front of the crowd consistently and prove that they are the right person to play the specific role. An actor has to give audition, every time. It is their real job. Without auditioning they can never get a job, meet industry professionals or other actors and show their talent offstage.

Auditioning does not mean a job interview but is a platform where actors perform and display their talent. It is a chance to act, which is what they are obsessed about. Audition rooms can be a stressful experience, but professional’s advice every actor that they need to love auditions. It is natural to enter the room with loads of burden. Thoughts running wildly like –

  • What if I miss a line?
  • Will I book the role?
  • Why is the person standing in the corner staring? Do I sound doubtful?
  • Am I looking overconfident?

There is no stop to the worries, which makes it difficult to concentrate on the script and character. Amy Gossels Casting School teaches young actors to overcome audition nerves in several ways and enter the audition room mentally prepared on what is needed to be done.

Tips to conquer audition frights

Practice, practice, practice………..

Practice and preparation can calm down a nervous mind. Before entering the room, be familiar with your lines (you will be given sides or cold read) backward and forward. Understand the character you are casting, your purpose in the scene, and your plan to succeed. It takes time to figure these things but is crucial to know in advance, so as to perform confidently and shine as a professional.

Take a few minutes break………

Determine what kind of music or song pumps you up. Carry it along to the auditions and when you wait for your turn, just listen to it. If you need some silent moment all by yourself, then just step outside the room. Take a deep breath or do vocal warm-ups. With a clear head and body, you will feel alert and relaxed to capture the stage.

Feel physically ashore………

Mentally relaxation exercise includes deep breathing, but some actors feel their feet getting numb. Therefore, before entering the audition room stomp your feet. This will increase blood circulation through the legs and make you feel ashore. Remember to stomp away from the audition room door.

Get enrolled at an audition workshop……….

Some performers can feel their knees shake, which makes them vulnerable and they miss their lines. Such kind of nervousness can be damaging to an actor because they need to audition all the time.

Many actors own that audition class has helped them to overcome the audition fears. They learnt to stand confidently before the auditioning team and be vulnerable.

At audition workshops they are taught how to enter and present themselves in front of strangers without any fright.


Auditioning will always be a vital factor included in an actor’s life. They will never be able to escape it. Therefore, embrace auditions and learn to capture your fright. You will confidently enter the room. Actually, you are the solution to the director’s and writer’s problem. AIM for this positivity and walk into the room because everyone standing in that room wishes you to be their solution.

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