Capitalizing On The Opportunities Available From Inflight Advertising

Inflight entertainment advertising presents your business with several opportunities to take your message to unique and desirable target markets.  Your messages can begin on the ground, continue in the air, and become part of the customer’s journey. It can be delivered through various sophisticated technologies or the printed page.  Putting these activities together into a coherent whole requires following certain steps for proper execution.

Target Market Interaction on the Ground

A flight of thousands of miles could likely begin in an airport lounge or executive club.  Why not begin engaging your customers even before they are airborne?  Opportunities exist to provide knowledge and entertainment with printed material, such as flight guides, brochures, or duty-free magazines.  Media screens, ranging from television programs to weather and flight details to content specific presentations can be vehicles for capturing the customer’s attention and delivering your message.  And no doubt your customer will get personally connected via Wi-Fi in some manner while waiting for their flight.  This again provides avenues for personal engagement and advertising.

Connected in The Air

Our world is highly connected and nowhere is that more evident than inside today’s airlines.  There are a myriad of options and technologies that need to be understood and properly deployed to make these connections happen.  But engaging a customer on their own device presents very significant opportunities for inflight media advertising to operate on a more personal level, providing an experience designed to inform and entertain while on the plane, and afterward.

Entertained in the Air

With some of the best movies and television shows being offered inflight to your customers, you have several engagement options.  They can include standard length advertisements of 30 or 60 seconds, or custom content designed to maximize the unique impact of your message.  The partnerships that are among the options you are considering can represent chances to significantly enhance your image in addition to providing returns to your bottom line.

Putting It Together

Inflight entertainment advertising presents great opportunities to capture the attention of unique audiences.  While it is part of an overall process of deploying scarce resources in the most effective manner, it is also a singular avenue of outreach with its own set of considerations.  It should be a serious consideration if these audiences are part of your target market and personal message delivery is among your tactical goals and objectives.  Become educated and understand the process and you will reap the benefits.

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