Bring Your Files Up to Speed

Do you have a drawer, or even a filing cabinet full of old, paper media and copy that could still be of value to your company if it were available on digital form? Or perhaps you recently found boxes of data and other materials that need to be cataloged filed properly. A document scanning service can convert those files into searchable digital files that can be quickly and easily cataloged and retrieved for future use.

Document scanning allows you to quickly digitize your files, receipts, invoices and other important documents to help keep your office running efficiently. Properly tagged and filed, document scanning gives you immediate access to the entire archives of your company. Share data quickly across departments to facilitate communication and interdepartmental functionality.

Scanning Your Files

There are many steps to digitizing your documents beyond the act of scanning the documents themselves. Ensuring you have the proper resources in place will greatly simplify the process. Ensuring each physical document is in good enough condition to scan, scanning and ensuring a useable scan can require many man-hours, depending on how many files you need to digitize.

Using software that creates searchable documents speeds the process greatly. You can use keyword and metadata tags to automatically organize and group digitized documents. Document scanning gives you a chance to review the records you have and ensure there are no gaps that require attention to rectify accounting or other invoicing errors.

Professional Scanning Services

Rather than allocate staff and resources to scanning in your files, you could opt to use a document scanning service. These services provide the same functions you would get from doing the scanning yourself, but with specialized tools that greatly speed the process along. These types of services are typically able to prepare your documents for scanning by ensuring they are of scan quality, removing staples and handling of unusually shaped documents such as Post-It Notes.

Document scanning service providers such as Digital Documents LLC can often receive boxes of your old paper files and return to you digitized, searchable documents. Their services include scanning, cleaning, categorizing and organizing and returning to you digital files that you can easily use. You can set the parameters of the project to give the document scanning service you select guidelines to which they can customize your files. A quality service provider of this sort will be able to provide you tagged, searchable documents with built in metadata tags that conform to your system.

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